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Matt Knox

Matt Knox CEO / Co-Founder @hockeyknox | Prior to DiggersList, Matt founded and sold Knox Insured, a successful boutique insurance brokerage for contractors that helped inspire the idea for DiggersList. As CEO, Matt has lead DiggersList from a small local classifieds in two cities, to establishing a first to market, nationally launched site with strong, national partnerships and an ever growing relationship with the media. A former semi-pro ice hockey player and Sunset Strip rocker, Knox still laces up the skates and jams on the guitar to Foo Fighters songs.

Johnnie Munger

Johnnie Munger Chief Nerd / Co-Founder @johnnietheblack | Johnnie brings over 10 years of web development and design experience from the indie music scene to the DiggersList team. As CTO, Johnnie has developed DiggersList and all of its products from the ground up into a user friendly, geo-scalable application that is used nationwide. When he's not behind the computer with his trusty cup of coffee and the speakers turned all the way up, he's usually behind one of several musical instruments, writing and recording music in any genre from rock to hip hop.

Skaie Knox

Skaie Knox Editor-in-Chief Blogger @skaiebird | For the past 20 years, Skaie has loved life as a published singer/songwriter, kid’s book author, and blogger. She has also written home improvement articles for AOL's “DIY Life”, Disney Family, Babble, and NBC’s “The 10! Show”. Skaie totally digs skiing down mountains, roller blade'n on the South Bay Strand, writing pop-anything songs, and playing Picasso with watercolors.